Vic Footscray

Me: Hello (insert name of job here), how may I help you?

Phone: Yes, I’m looking for a travel book on Argentina?

Me: Do you have a title?

Phone: I don’t know, its something about Argentina.

Me: Okay.  Do you have an author?

Phone: It’s spelled F-O-O-T-S-C-R-A-Y.

Me: I’m sorry,  could you spell that for me one more time?

Phone: (annoyed) its FOOTS. CRAY.

Me: First name?

Phone: Vic. V-I-C.

Catalogue?  Nothing.  Amazon?  Nothing. Google? Aha!

Me: Sir, the book that you’re looking for? That author doesn’t exist.

Phone: it says so in the catalogue.

Me: Yeah, no…Footscray is a suburb of Victoria…major city in Australia.

You really might need to rethink that overseas travel, bruh.