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Who Wore It Better? 1980’s Edition

Salt ‘N Pepa 



Philip Oakey from The Human LeaguePhilOakeyAssymetricHaircut


2 responses to “Who Wore It Better? 1980’s Edition

  1. kerbey

    Oh, dear, I have to go with S&P. That’s a black woman’s haircut, not some nelly Brit’s visit to the mall to Tony & Guy.

  2. @kerbey — thanks so much for the comment! LoL. at the Toni and Guy reference. I mean, both styles were not the best…but at least there is a story behind S&P (I think it was Salt that got a bad haircut when they started to get recognized. So for uniformity — and support –, Pepa and Spinderella followed suit). As for Phil…I’m not sure what compelled him to do that.

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