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You Look So Professional! Like A French Model!

Now, normally — I wear my hair either like this:


When it’s in its natural state

Or like this:


When it’s too damn hot during the summer to deal with it. We’ve also had so much rain, the humidity has been torture on my strands. This makes it easy for a get up and go style.

But one day, I happened to wear my hair like this:


Got it cut recently for the summer and I wanted to straighten it again. I got a new hair dryer and flat iron. It was my excuse to splurge and experiment post haircut.

Now, for some reason, one co-worker has never felt compelled to say anything about my previous hair styles. But this last one, she just felt the need to compliment (backhandedly), informing me that I look “professional” with my hair straightened.

I had to stop myself from having an external moment like this:

To having an internal moment like this:

Despite the fact that I’m pretty much one of two people there who dresses impeccably well, my hair, ignoring it’s neatness, was not professional enough for her on a daily basis. Unless it was straightened.

Fuck you and your hillbilly logic.



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