Liza With A Z (cup)

Why didn’t anyone tell her to wear a bra last night?

Isn’t a rule of thumb to always remove the last accessory that you put on with an outfit?

I wish that she would have considered that when deciding to use her areolas as one.


Who Wore It Better? The Extremely Dangerous Hair Ed.


Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari of Babylon 5




Patti LaBelle of the entire portion of her 1980’s music career. With the exception of “On My Own”. They didn’t want the San Francisco winds to whisk her away. Not worth the insurance liability.

Whose Perm Game Is Bestest? And Whose Is Worsest? (Yes, I Said Worsest)


Bradley Cooper. You know it’s serious when the rods are involved. And he should have spared us from it.


Jermaine Jackson. Though, it shouldn’t be considered hair. Or a perm. I think it’s what the rover discovered on Mars. It is an alien life form.


Kevin Keegan. Just…Kevin Keegan, everybody. #dointoomuch


(drums, please….)


The Best For Last…Bishop Don Juan Eddie Long… #doinwaytoomuch

Sean Bean & Susan Lucci

No. They aren’t the same person. Though this photo does not help the suspicions.


Yes, *that* is indeed Sean Bean. You should have known that I was not going to post anything normal on here.

You’ve never seen them in the same room together, have you?

(food for thought. Now, I’m hungry).

Sean Bean is the Susan Lucci of life when it comes to movies.

He is always losing (it).

I can’t recall the last film or series of seen him in where he’s remained alive throughout the entire thing.