Liza With A Z (cup)

Why didn’t anyone tell her to wear a bra last night?

Isn’t a rule of thumb to always remove the last accessory that you put on with an outfit?

I wish that she would have considered that when deciding to use her areolas as one.


Whose Perm Game Is Bestest? And Whose Is Worsest? (Yes, I Said Worsest)


Bradley Cooper. You know it’s serious when the rods are involved. And he should have spared us from it.


Jermaine Jackson. Though, it shouldn’t be considered hair. Or a perm. I think it’s what the rover discovered on Mars. It is an alien life form.


Kevin Keegan. Just…Kevin Keegan, everybody. #dointoomuch


(drums, please….)


The Best For Last…Bishop Don Juan Eddie Long… #doinwaytoomuch

What Do You Do When…

Your friend insists on wearing a costume, that is, more than likely, a new degree of racist?

And you don’t have the heart to tell them that they are being racist because

a) they think that you’re being OVERLY sensitive



b) they think you’re being condescending to their (lack of) cultural intelligence.



You tell them that the party is cancelled and go alone.