Who Wore It Better? The Extremely Dangerous Hair Ed.


Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari of Babylon 5




Patti LaBelle of the entire portion of her 1980’s music career. With the exception of “On My Own”. They didn’t want the San Francisco winds to whisk her away. Not worth the insurance liability.


Whose Perm Game Is Bestest? And Whose Is Worsest? (Yes, I Said Worsest)


Bradley Cooper. You know it’s serious when the rods are involved. And he should have spared us from it.


Jermaine Jackson. Though, it shouldn’t be considered hair. Or a perm. I think it’s what the rover discovered on Mars. It is an alien life form.


Kevin Keegan. Just…Kevin Keegan, everybody. #dointoomuch


(drums, please….)


The Best For Last…Bishop Don Juan Eddie Long… #doinwaytoomuch

Whose Cornrow …or Braid… Game Is Worse?

Hello, world! Here I am.

I know, I’ve been absent. Dealing with deadlines and quitting a job.

Yes, I quit my job. Don’t worry, I have another one lined up. But this is the first time I ever quit a job in my life (unless you count that high school musical senior year. That was one of the worst experiences ever in my life. And I’ve auditioned for Tyler Perry! Okay, on second thought, maybe it wasn’t so bad…the musical, not the Tyler Perry audition).

I have tomorrow off, and I am getting my hair braided. I’ve never been to this woman. I found her on Craigslist (it was a suggestion! I know, I don’t like where this story could potentially lead, either…but I’m a broke writer/actor/public servant). But she is a legit owner and I’ve met her at her salon. I really hope that she does a great job, if she doesn’t, I don’t want to end up looking like this:


looks like his hairline has spent most of its life living in a gangster’s paradise

So, I realized I haven’t done a “Whose _________ Game Is Worse?” post in quite a while. Thank you, Craigslist, for the inspiration.

And now…Whose Cornrow Game is Worse?


Axl Rose


Edward Norton


Joe Manganiello