That Awkward Moment When … #678

24 animated GIF


The following takes place between 1:54PM and 1:55PM.

You’ve been informed of layoffs at your job.

And you don’t know if you’re next.

One of your supervisors, who has just fired one person, and is on the way to terminate another, sees your solemn face.

Something, for some reason, motivates them to say

“Why aren’t you smiling?”


robert downey jr animated GIF


no animated GIF

WTF am I supposed to smile about?



Liza With A Z (cup)

Why didn’t anyone tell her to wear a bra last night?

Isn’t a rule of thumb to always remove the last accessory that you put on with an outfit?

I wish that she would have considered that when deciding to use her areolas as one.

What Do You Do When…

Your friend insists on wearing a costume, that is, more than likely, a new degree of racist?

And you don’t have the heart to tell them that they are being racist because

a) they think that you’re being OVERLY sensitive



b) they think you’re being condescending to their (lack of) cultural intelligence.



You tell them that the party is cancelled and go alone.

Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Don’t judge me. This format I’m using is not too friendly towards punctuation outside of periods, question marks, and exclamation marks.


Greetings, my friends….

I apologize for the lack of posts. I’m currently dealing with an incredibly shitty job and twatting about Fall Television (priorities).

Just to get it out of the way, you should be watching:


The Blacklist

Sleepy Hollow

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Goldbergs

Trophy Wife (isn’t bad…)

Hello, Ladies

The Millers

The Crazy Ones


Life has been not interesting as of late, but frustrating. I flubbed another screenwriting competition (yay) and I’ve no time to even audition for shows I’d really REALLY love to do. My commute is 2h30 total each day. I work late nights. Work weekends. The extra money I make goes to fuel, so I don’t have the funds to really do anything. Not to mention by the time I actually reach home, it’s time to be in bed and be ready for work in the a.m. And I’ve got back problems.

Can’t you tell that I’m over it?


Also, I’m tired of dealing with people. That aren’t my friends, family, or otherwise generally cool. Basically.

So, yes. This is me. Backhanded compliments. Open ended insults. It sucks. I’m kind of at a loss right now.

Particularly, when you have people insult your ethnic background because they are disgusted with your legal name (I will have a post about that experience later), or they think that they can treat you any which way they can because of your skin tone. Or they ask you when MLK day is because the only Negro is supposed to know. That’s not fun.

So fall television is taking the pain away. That, and a healthy amount of wine (kidding. I’m too broke to even drink Franzia! The individual boxes!!!!!!!).

Besides that, I’m continuing the grind and working. Hoping for a new gig soon…again.

There’s the update. I will be back with more entertaining (read: torturous work stories and scathing observations of popular culture) soon.

Sean Bean & Susan Lucci

No. They aren’t the same person. Though this photo does not help the suspicions.


Yes, *that* is indeed Sean Bean. You should have known that I was not going to post anything normal on here.

You’ve never seen them in the same room together, have you?

(food for thought. Now, I’m hungry).

Sean Bean is the Susan Lucci of life when it comes to movies.

He is always losing (it).

I can’t recall the last film or series of seen him in where he’s remained alive throughout the entire thing.