Judging You When…

You take Glamour Shot selfies

from your child’s hospital suite.

Yes, I have a friend who did this. On Facebook.

I must now question her character.



Who Wore It Better? The Extremely Dangerous Hair Ed.


Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari of Babylon 5




Patti LaBelle of the entire portion of her 1980’s music career. With the exception of “On My Own”. They didn’t want the San Francisco winds to whisk her away. Not worth the insurance liability.

Whose Perm Game Is Bestest? And Whose Is Worsest? (Yes, I Said Worsest)


Bradley Cooper. You know it’s serious when the rods are involved. And he should have spared us from it.


Jermaine Jackson. Though, it shouldn’t be considered hair. Or a perm. I think it’s what the rover discovered on Mars. It is an alien life form.


Kevin Keegan. Just…Kevin Keegan, everybody. #dointoomuch


(drums, please….)


The Best For Last…Bishop Don Juan Eddie Long… #doinwaytoomuch

That’s What Friends Aren’t For

Keep smilin’,

keep shining,

knowing you can always count on me…

For sure.

That’s what friends are foooooooooooorrrrrrrrr!


Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Burt Bacharach, AND Carol Bayer Sager all lied to me. I’m suing. *dials up Gloria Allred*

They aren’t.

As 2013 winds down, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on things.

What went great. What didn’t.

Everything in between.

This year was a particularly difficult one, and through that difficulty, I was shown exactly what I meant to people. And I showed too much of what they meant to me.

Admittedly, I had a difficult time grasping, or rather, believing that I had the right to be upset and feel a particular way when I felt the way that I did. As in, my friends, when I absolutely needed them at my worst, did not want commit to their plea of “I’ll be there for anything you need. Just call me.”

I don’t ask for much in friendships, except for to be treated with the same love, care, commitment, faithfulness, truth, and dedication that I provide.

Maybe I’m spoiled because I have sisters.

Then, I thought maybe I was unable to handle the growing pains. And that is part of it, I admit. Being in a dead-end job while everyone else is (or appears to be) flourishing, friends getting married, being disrespected by their newly SO, being ditched for shiny, newer friends, or reacquainted relationships being tainted by manipulative third (turd?) parties. Aside from those vague, yet, autobiographical examples, the growing part that is difficult to come to terms with is the fact that people have a tendency to change for the worse before changing for the better. And when they are in that quagmire of negativity, no matter how much you want to try and keep them the same, it will be a challenge, and damn near impossible, to see that they will ever be who they once were. That is something that will never be altered in human nature.

Not to be a contrarian (Chrome is telling me that term isn’t real, but I know it is. I read books), but I do believe that a person has to weather some storms before they see the sunshine. However, if you keep driving into that storm, thinking that each one will be different, then you’re going to continue getting caught in an ever strengthening tidal wave-tsunami-monsoon hybrid disaster of epic proportions. (Yes, I know all of those things are impossible to happen simultaneously, but work with me here…).

I’d like to be out of the company of people who want to be friends with me when it is convenient for them. And that is mostly due to them attempting to absolve some guilt for screwing me over.

Come 2014, I’m not allowing this to happen anymore. I can’t break my neck, sacrifice my time, for people who cannot understand, or appreciate, the little things that make up a friendship.

A simple “hello” or “I just called to say I love you” (yes, I’m naming more 80’s songs) can make a person’s day, or break it if they can’t fulfill a basic aspect.

Please, do not misconstrue the aforementioned as me being insensitive, or rather, inconsiderate to my friends lives. I think about when other people have things going on — and understand that they aren’t always able to contact me in a timely fashion. And sometimes, they just don’t want to talk. That is absolutely fine. But at least let me know that you’re alive and well. I’d hope they’d do the same for me — because I genuinely do give a shit as to whether or not they’re walking the Earth and are happy. But I honestly believe that my existence is not of any significance to them. That is, not until they need me.

But do me a favor, if I ask you to hang out, and you claim to be broke, don’t be a Dick‘s Sporting Goods and post pictures on Facebook or Instagram two hours later dancing and drinking in a nightclub.

Also, don’t make plans with me and then dump me for a booty call with your boyfriend.

On my birthday.

At that point, do yourself a favor, and go screw yourself.

Happy 2014.

What Do You Do When…

Your friend insists on wearing a costume, that is, more than likely, a new degree of racist?

And you don’t have the heart to tell them that they are being racist because

a) they think that you’re being OVERLY sensitive



b) they think you’re being condescending to their (lack of) cultural intelligence.



You tell them that the party is cancelled and go alone.

Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Don’t judge me. This format I’m using is not too friendly towards punctuation outside of periods, question marks, and exclamation marks.


Greetings, my friends….

I apologize for the lack of posts. I’m currently dealing with an incredibly shitty job and twatting about Fall Television (priorities).

Just to get it out of the way, you should be watching:


The Blacklist

Sleepy Hollow

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Goldbergs

Trophy Wife (isn’t bad…)

Hello, Ladies

The Millers

The Crazy Ones


Life has been not interesting as of late, but frustrating. I flubbed another screenwriting competition (yay) and I’ve no time to even audition for shows I’d really REALLY love to do. My commute is 2h30 total each day. I work late nights. Work weekends. The extra money I make goes to fuel, so I don’t have the funds to really do anything. Not to mention by the time I actually reach home, it’s time to be in bed and be ready for work in the a.m. And I’ve got back problems.

Can’t you tell that I’m over it?


Also, I’m tired of dealing with people. That aren’t my friends, family, or otherwise generally cool. Basically.

So, yes. This is me. Backhanded compliments. Open ended insults. It sucks. I’m kind of at a loss right now.

Particularly, when you have people insult your ethnic background because they are disgusted with your legal name (I will have a post about that experience later), or they think that they can treat you any which way they can because of your skin tone. Or they ask you when MLK day is because the only Negro is supposed to know. That’s not fun.

So fall television is taking the pain away. That, and a healthy amount of wine (kidding. I’m too broke to even drink Franzia! The individual boxes!!!!!!!).

Besides that, I’m continuing the grind and working. Hoping for a new gig soon…again.

There’s the update. I will be back with more entertaining (read: torturous work stories and scathing observations of popular culture) soon.